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Need a quick tow in Ottawa?

Quick Towing Ottawa is a tow truck service conveniently located in Ottawa, Ontario based in the heart of the city and serving the entire area. Call us at 613-701-6256 when you need towing service fast and at an affordable price. Save our number for any of your towing needs. We operate year round 24 hours a day. Give us a call to have your automobile towed anytime. Convenient, professional and affordable towing service right here in Ottawa, Ontario.

Here in Ottawa, Quick Towing is pleased to provide towing and roadside assistance 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You will always be greeted with professional agents and our rates are affordable enough for every budget. Give our office a call to find out if your insurance will cover your towing cost.

For customers that want the best towing service available in Ottawa, Quick Towing is here to help. Our trucks and service professionals are bonded, licensed and insured so you can be secure in the knowledge that your vehicle is safe. We have been serving the Ottawa area faithfully for several years. Our company offers both residential and commercial towing services that cover just about any situation that you may find yourself in.

Ottawa Towing Quick Service has a range of quality towing services to meet the needs of all of our residential and commercial clients. Our pride is our exceptional service and delivering reliable roadside service is our promise. Each of our tow truck drivers is highly trained and will provide professional service every time they answer your service call.

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Our Services

Our Ottawa fleet is fully prepared to handle any roadside problem you can throw at our tow professionals. Quick Towing’s experienced tow specialist can rescue your car from anything ranging from a snowy weather spin-out to simple side of the road tire blow out. In addition to our emergency tow services, we also have flatbeds to transport your specialty, luxury or vintage cars to your required destination safely. We provide services for both commercial and residential Ottawa clients such as:

Emergency Assistance

Snowstorms and rainstorms can make even a simple trip up the road turn into a gauntlet of road hazards even for careful drivers. If you find yourself stuck on the road during bad weather, we are here to help. We can handle small issues like a frozen engine up to complex issues like a total wipeout in a snowbank, no service is too large or too small for our trucks.

Roadside Accident Recovery

When you are on the road, anything can happen, if that happens to be a car accident you can count on Quick Towing to always be there to help. We offer towing for minor accidents like fender benders all the way to towing fully totaled vehicles. Our customer service agents are happy to work with your insurance company to file the needed paperwork, and your car or the wreckage will be removed safely and efficiently. 

Disable Car Removal

If you have a car that no longer works and don’t want the hassle of dragging it to the junkyard yourself, give us a call to do it for you. We offer a range of affordable rates that cover any size, make, model and condition of the disabled vehicle.

Far Distance and Heavy Weight Towing

If you are in need of specialized towing for your commercial machinery, Quick Towing of Ottawa has you covered. Our fleet is equipped to transport commercial trucks, machines, tractors and other heavy equipment safely to and from your destination. For customer who are in need of long distance towing, we offer a range of package options based on distance. We can transport your luxury car or motorcycle across town, or across the country, if that’s what you need.

Crisis Towing

Sometimes cars just decide to stop working, if this happens when you are out on the road, we offer on the spot towing services to ensure that you don’t have to wait outside any longer than needed. We are able to offer service anywhere in the Ottawa area, be it on the main shopping strip or out in the boondocks, we will rush to offer you aid in your time of need.

Roadside Assistance Service

There is always some point during your travels when your car may not want to function properly, or you happen to run out of gas a bit too far from the station. In instances such as these, it’s great to have a robust roadside assistance program at your service. Quick Towing of Ottawa is always here to respond when you need our help, regardless of where you happen to be, There is nothing worse than having trouble with your engine in the middle of the night, or facing a flat tire without a spare handy. We are here to help you get back on the road and back to your life.

Residential or Commercial Towing Services

Ottawa Towing Quick Service offers 24/7 roadside assistance, but our fleet is capable of much more! We have a full line of commercial and residential services for our Ottawa clients. Are you locked out of your car? We can help. What about those pesky parkers that take up your commercial spaces without shopping at your location? We have a service plan for that too. Whatever type of towing you need, we can provide.

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Why hire us?

Quick Towing Ottawa is a customer-oriented towing company. We strive to always offer the best rates paired with the highest quality roadside assistance and tow services possible. Quick Towing is always on call 24/7 for our Ottawa customers year round and in all weather. The highly skilled towing professionals that man our fleet are able to work with all makes and models of cars, including specialty cars and commercial vehicles. You never know what will happen when you are on the road, so it’s always a good idea to have a reliable company like Quick Towing of Ottawa on speed dial in the event of an automotive emergency.  We are always just a phone call away and will respond to your location within 30 minutes of receiving your phone call.

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Schedule Your Service / Get in Touch

Are you in Ottawa and in need of emergency roadside assistance? Are you interested in hiring a truck to get your luxury car to a show across town? Give our office a call at 613-701-6256 to find out more about the various towing services we have to offer. We have knowledgeable customer service agents standing by who are happy to answer your questions and schedule your tow services today.

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